Lights, Camera, Gerbil! – 326/365

After last nights forray into the “urban jungle”, I gave myself a range limit from home of just seven steps. Thought I’d play it safe, you know. That just about got me to the garden gate. I took some photographs there of the Laurel, dripping wet with rain, huddled under my umbrella. The photos were not what I was after though, and all I really acheived was to startle a late night jogger that went past……..


Back in doors from my mamouth adventure, I had a go at editing some life into what I’d captured, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I sulked for five minutes, and then got my camera back out, lashed my 50mm “fun time” lens onto it and headed to the gerbil cage, mini strip light in hand.

I opened the cage door, gave a couple of squeeks (as you do, thinking you can speak fluent gerbil) and put the light at an angle where Fred and Oliver could come and investigate it, should they wish to.

Luckily for me, they did, and I captured some pretty interesting images of the futrry little fellows. You know what, it cheered me up no end, so please, enjoy these images and I hope you have a great weekend! I give you, Fred and Oliver, the gerbils!


Thanks you Fred (the black one) thank you Oliver (the brown one) your the best!

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