Make Your Mark – 327/365

This afteroon I took a quick walk down past the steam boat on the Weaver Navigation, just down the road from home. I’ve seen on Google earth that the waterway that splits in two, almost joins back together again a little down stream, and there are two pools of water inbetween. I had no idea what it actually looked like, but on the map it held enough interest for me to go and take a look.


The walk took me down the waterway, past some scrub land, past some light industry, and generally on a little trip to no-where; which is no bad thing from time to time.

A little way into my journey, I spotted a very narrow track going off into the bushes, clearly not well trodden, clearly not the correct route – so of course I couldn’t resist going down for a look. It kind of took me off to the left of where I really wanted to be heading, but the intrigue was too much to resist.

It felt a lot like exploring as a child, when I would always try and get as far away from civilisation as possible, and I fully expect the narrow track I was following had been created by some youngsters, doing exaclty as I did in my youth almost 30 years ago. Which made me smile.

The track took me through some woodland, and eventually out onto a really nice bit of open scrub land. I found a tree that had a wonderful shape, but I couldn’t quite get a decent angle on it to isolate it from the rest of the woodland, though it was tantalisingly close to the edge. I could frame the viaduct in the back ground too, and if I could have got it right it would have been a wonderful composition. The sky wasn’t doing anything though, and with the composition not working out, I logged the location it in the memory banks and moved on.

The other thing this spot held, was the possibility that I could get “that church shot” I’ve hunted several times in this 365 journey. I did kind of get the shot, and you can read about it here “Church View“, but this location might just hold an even better composition. I will certainly be back when the sky is looking at its best.

I wandered on, but by now I was starting to run over time, and so headed back to the right, and back on track to where I actually wanted to go. It took a little while to get back to the beaten track, and as such I ran out of time, so I still haven’t made it to that interesting looking place on the map!

That said, I did take the two images you see above here, from under a bridge carrying the M56, its uprights adorned with some street art, drips of water coming down from the roof and the steady rattle of traffic overhead. I don’t know why, but I do enjoy these secluded urban areas, where it feels like not only time, but also society have forgotten about.

I grabbed an opportunist snap of the steam boat and a passing rower as I walked back; and though the photographs here are not going ot set the workd on fire, it was a nice little outing this afternoon, and a good bit of location scouting thrown in too!


I hope your having a good weekend!

p.s. I’m rapplidly running out of web space again, so I’ve been cleaning out my Flickr so I can squeeze a few more images in. If you see a broken link on my blog to an image, please do let me know!

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