Superman 3 – 329/365

Anyone else remember the creepy super computer in Superman 3? The one that became self aware and reached out into the world with its cables and megabites, to try and take over!

Well the scene today that I took a photograph of reminded me of that computer…….


I had my little partner in crime with me today, and with it being pretty miserable weather I didn’t want to take her too far, or get her too drenched in the rain. I knew the perfect spot, a spot underneath the M56, nice and dry and we could park fairly close by. Added into the bargain, a playground a couple of minutes walk away – perfect.

Anyway, I had planned on capturing some reflection style images, what with the ground being sodden all over, I thought their would be plenty of opportunity. However, as we got close in the car I could see smoke billowing out of the Rocksavage Power Station, and with the heavy and still air the smoke or steam or whatever it is, was just hanging in a mass above the plant. So with that I changed my plan and decided to make the plant my main subject.

It looked really cool to me, and I do love industrial images, not as much as nature or Mother Earth imagery of course, but still, I do really enjoy heavy industry and the photographs it can offer.

Izzy was amazed by being under the motorway bridge too, she was awe struck by the scale of it, and she asked me what all the graffiti written on it’s uprights said. I thought of some nice things people might write, I told her they said “have a great day”, “I love you”, “hello” and “poop face”.

I’m not sure she was buying any of it though…..


Learnings – I used my polarising filter again today, and I tried it at full effect, partial effect and without it on my lens at all. It really does make a huge difference, in this instance it helped pull colour through in the sky, and cut some glare off the water surface. The second image in this set of three was without the filter on, and whilst it carries more warmth, it isn’t carrying much colour in the sky, especially not the blue tones when compared to today’s main photograph.

I’m pleased with the images, and it was nice to re-live the memories of the old Superman films.

What was super nice though, was to enjoy a day off work with Izzy, aside from this little photography outing, we played games all day long!

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