The Mask of Life – 330/365

Errrrrr, this is a fertility mask, and I have to be upfront with you and say I photographed this as a last minute “backup”. I had tried to do something with a vase of flowers, against a mirror and some side lighting. However it just wasn’t happening.

I did take a few images, and even brought them into Lightroom to try and weave some magic into them there, but I couldn’t. As good as Lightroom is, the image has to hold the magic to start with.

So I looked up from my laptop all doom and gloom, and running out of time, and the fertility mask in the conservatory caught my eye. “I’ll have a crack at photographing that”, I thought.

That worked out better, but I hadn’t got the focus quite right, and the chin wasn’t as sharp as I wanted. I wanted the image to appear tall and stretching away from the viewer. Its actually quite a small object, but I wanted to give the impression its bigger than it really is, so the focus and out of focus elements really mattered!

I scraped the images, again, and got my camera out again. Finally, I captured the image as I wanted. Pure black background, half the face in shadow and the other half in light, giving that mysterious and almost sinister look.

The drama hadn’t finished though, and now Lightroom decide to have a real wobble on me. Well, to be more accurate it was my laptop having a wobble, huffing and chuffing and generally over heating!!

Anyway, I got my image, thankfully! Its a funny thing you know, I was mega pleased with yesterdays image, and I always seem to have a “photographic hangover” after capturing something I’m really pleased with. I’m not sure, but I think it might just be self imposed pressure to always better the last day with the next.

Learnings – Perseverance was the main thing today. Three times I tried and eventually, I got an image I was satisfied with. I wouldn’t say I’m over the moon with it or anything, but again, I’m pleased I persevered until I got to where I wanted to be.

Oh, I almost forgot…….. just to leave you on a bit of a high, the nose on the fertility mask is a willy………. obviously!

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