Breakdown – 332/365

Tonight I drove to a spot where a bridge goes over the M56, and a railway line runs past too along with a foot bridge. My plan was to get a long exposure shot, including the car head lights, and the railway bridge; and if I was really lucky I’d get a train in the shot too!

I wasn’t lucky, just as I clipped my camera into the tripod head, a really cool looking nicely lit up cargo train chugged past………. I knew I’d missed the chance, becase at that time of night another trian wouldn’t be going past for hours! Not to worry, I could still capture my long exposure and include the bridge for something a little different.

I composed the shot with the car lights twisting off into the distance, towards the foggy glow of city lights in the far distance. It was tricky to get the composition just right, due to the unusual angle of the railway bridge, and with it being the main focal point I wanted to get it just right.

I took four shots, and I was eventually happy with the outcome. Its always a little hit and miss with a 30 second exposure, sometimes the cars play ball, sometimes they don’t, and I always try and get the shot when lorries are going past, becase they have a higher set of lights which I feel adds to the effect.

Photograph in the bag, I walked back to my car to head for home, and some well earned dinner after a long old day.

My car had other ideas though, and decided tonight was the night it wasn’t going to start………..

I was only a couple of miles from home, thankfully, and so I walked back to get my spare key fob to see if that was the problem. I had to walk through the fields and the woodland, in the pitch black; luckily I know the area like the back of my hand from all the exploring I’ve done photographing stuff, so despite everywhere being a waterlogged mud bath, I picked my way through the undergrowth with relative ease.

I grabbed my spare key and borrowed Hollys car to go back and see if I could get my car moving. I couldn’t; I checked all the fuses, the ones in the glove box and in the boot. All fine. So I have no idea whats up with it.

With that, I sulked off home for some dinner. Its funny you know, its really frustrating when things like this happen, but at the end of the day cars aren’t indestructible, its just one of those things that come along and hoof you in the balls from time to time………


Learnings – the intricate workings of a BMW 520’s fuse box’s.

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