Scrap Heap Challenge – 333/365

Oh, you’ve got to laugh, haven’t you! Tonight my car got hoisted unceremoniously onto the back of a recovery wagon. Still adamant it wasn’t going to start.

Still, I have to admit it was really good fun stood at the side of the road waiting for the recovery vehicle to arrive, freezing my spuds off……..

Anyway, no real harm done, save for my photograph today isn’t really what I’d have wanted to take, but I thought it fitting to bring this chapter in the 365 challenge to a close, hopefully.

I took a few images of my car, but I won’t bore you with them, cars that move are much more interesting!

I’ve done a bit of googling, and the really nice chap from Egertons Recovery gave me a few pointers too, as to what the problem might be. I’ve got the battery charging as we speak, and I’ll get the tool kit out tomorrow, so hopefully normal service will resume tomorrow…….

Tonight’s photograph, an iPhone shot, taken at – f/1.8 – 4.25mm – 1/14sec – ISO800. To be fair, the cameras on my new phone are pretty good, especially for capturing those candid “life moments”.

I hope you have a really great weekend!

12 thoughts on “Scrap Heap Challenge – 333/365

    1. I think it’s always best to look on the bright side, try not to waste too much time getting beat up by things you can’t control! 😄. Hopefully not too serious, and I’ll be back on the road again soon! 🙏🏻. Thank you for the photo component, I really appreciate it and, I thought it fitting for the journey in my challenge. 🤗🚙

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      1. That is a beautiful perspective, and you know what’s extra nice? It’s forced me to go out for a little bit of a longer walk this morning! 😄🙏🏻🙌🏻📸

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      1. Is this car with manual transmissions (stick) or automatic, Gav ?

        Ps : I remember myself -many times, since i like old cars- being in the same place as yours. The memories make me laugh a bit.

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      2. Is a manual transmission. I charged the battery overnight and this morning it tried to start, which is progress! I’ve had it in charge today too, so I’m hopeful tomorrow we’ll be all systems go! 😄🙏🏻

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