Imagination – 343/365

OK, this didn’t quite work out how I imagined it would, so I’m going to need the help of your imagination, for now!

You see, I’m off work today and on the way back from walking Livvy to school, I noticed a warm glow from the rising sun on the horizon, over the back of the woodland. I thought it might be lighting up the trees there, especially that tree on its own I’ve photographed before.

However, when I arrived, the sun was casting a gorgous glow from just above the horizon, as you can see, however it was way off to the right, and wasn’t really setting the sky alight beind the tree I wanted to photograph.

So, I changed tactics and went for a long exposure instead, to blurr the clouds and make them blend with each other. It worked to a degree, but as much as the wind helped me by pushing the clouds along, it didn’t help by making the fine branches of the tree move.

Still, and interesting little start to the week, and it was really nice to walk Livvy to school. I can’t wait to pick her up later!

By the way, if your wondering what the sky looked like behind the tree, have a look at the photograph below, and use your imagination to see the sky in the phootograph above, behind the solitary tree below…….

Learnings – the shot is there, I just need to time it right I think!

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