Tree of Glass – 344/365

A pretty glass ball with a glass tree in it! Apparently it’s a “Tree if Life”, and Holly has framed it beautifully in a heart shaped twig thingy.

Their was a tag on the glass ball, that I took off for the photograph, but upon looking at it, I think the words are kind of nice, they read:

Through the centuries, the seasons have inspired many artists.

Like trees in the forest, no two Tree of Life balls are identical.

This glass ball is handmade and unique – a perfect gift for a special friend.

That’s nice, don’t you think?

Anyway, this glass ball hangs in our kitchen window, and I thought it would make a nice photograph, and so I got my 50mm lens out and took some shots.

Originally, I wanted to capture the heart in the frame too, but the image just wasn’t as effective. Going tighter in and just including hints of the wicker heart made for a much more intimate image I think. I know you can’t see the heart shape, but it just feels so much nicer, more friendly somehow.

Settings were fairly straight forward; 50mm – f/1.8 – 1/10 shutter – ISO400. I was pushing it with the shutter speed being hand held, but I didn’t want to take the ISO any higher that 400, because I wanted a lot of shadow in the final image and didn’t want too much noise.

Just so you can see, an image of the full heart below, it looks lovely I know, but I still think the tighter in shot above makes for a better photograph. It might just be me, but I love the intimacy of it, and the way the wicker framing is just evident enough, which again feels cozy.


Learnings – light and shade, it’s all about the light and shade!

P.S. if you like the glass ball, I noticed the web site on the tag –

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