2020 Vision

OK, quite a few people have been asking me what comes next? What comes after the 365 finishes on new years eve? Well, here is the answer!

I’m going to take you with me on my photographic journey, to bring you closer to what I’m doing and why. I’m going to capture my journey in short videos.

It seems to be the natrual progression for a number of resons; web space is becoming super tight, and I am already having to get really creative with cyber real estate to squeeze all my photographs in upto the end of this year, so video means I can cram way more frames in. It also means I can litterally take you with me on the journey, so you can see first hand what I’m doing, where I’m going and my photographic successes and failures.

I’m no presenter, and I might not feature myself in the videos sometimes, in fact I’m not really sure how it will play out at all, but just as I jumped head first into my 365 photography challenge, I’ll do my best to jump into this new challenge too. I want to keep pushing and learning, and challenging myself is a good way to do that.

I will certainly not be doing videos every day, taking photographs this year every day, developing them every day and posting a blog every day has been a challenge in every sense of the word – though I wouldn’t change a thing becasue the accelerated learning its given me has been and continues to be incredible. Indeed, when its over if I’m ever short of inspiration, I know from experience if I just get out and look with a keen level of focus, I’ll find some photography in the wold, somewhere.

No, frequency of videos is going to be much less that once a day, it wont even be once a week; but I am going to aim for one a month as a minimum. The projects will be more involved too, and I’m going to be doing more with composits and Photoshop next year, which along with video editing all takes time. I’ll set my self aims and images I want to capture, edit and composit to create the final image, and I’ll take you with my on the journey.

The last point on not doing a high frequency of videos, is that this year has been a big commitment not only for me, but also for my family, who have been super supportive throughout; but next year I’m going to repay the support with dedicating more of me, to them.

So, short videos documenting my journey to a specific image I’m creating, drawing on things I’ve learnt this year, and more time with my family – it all makes perfect sense to me.

For now, have a look at my first go at a short video photo log below; from this morning capturing photographs for todays blog post, blooper included!!

19 thoughts on “2020 Vision

  1. Wonderful ! Loved the video ! You have it ! Love the accent, also !… haha…

    I laughed with your reaction : “… oops another photographer, a lovely lady !…”

    It is nice what you wrote about the support you get from the family and that it is your turn to pay back by dedicating more of yourself to them.

    Ps : Data storage is a big issue. You’ re right. I think i should write a post on this with all the ideas i have and some alternatives. Anyway, i like your “short video stories” idea, Gav. Merry Christmas to you all !

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    1. Thank you so much my friend, that really means a lot! You can get to know someone by reading their writings, it I feel much more “exposed” on camera; I find it much easier to communicate through written words. I feel much more nervous about being on camera than posting my writings and photographs, and your comments here have really helped elevate that nervousness! 🥰🤗

      Storage space is a real problem, and had you not pointed me towards Flickr I’d have been stuck months ago, or spending a lot of money on web space! Thank you so much, you helped keep the challenge alive! 😄🙏🏻

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      1. I know what you mean, my friend. You’re not the only one with such nervousness !… haha…

        Honestly speaking, though, i like that you can transfer the Gav Spirit through your new idea. When i watch the video -and you, speaking- i see the Gav i “met” through his wonderful writing and pictures, some time ago.

        As you may have noticed, the photographers do not write much, here in the blogosphere. I was wondering “Why?”.
        I came up with some thoughts, but i won’t write more on this -for the moment- since I don’t want to ruin the wonderful Christmas atmosphere… lol…

        Fortunately, you’ re much different. You’ re real, not plastic and fake, and this is something i really do appreciate to people. Additionally, you ‘re wise and kind, and many more. To me, this whole “package” is a magic one, and i know where to find it, or -let’s say- to recognize it.

        I’m more than sure you have some wonderful experiences, images and thoughts to share through your new idea. And i’ll be always here -for as long as- to read you and watch your wonderful pictures and videos. Take care and be well, dear Sir !

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      2. Oh wow, that’s what I call community spirit! It’s conversations and comments like this that truly inspire us, me, to create more. You inspire me to be bold and do the things I feel are right, but at times am too reserved to let come out! Your a wonderful person, a fantastic friend, and I’m so glad we’ve “met” through our writings and blogging! 😄

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  2. What a beautiful post! It’s good to see “real time” videos. I’m new here, Gav, so I’m curious as to what equipment you use. I loved your stills of the boat … brings a very soft emotion to the forefront. I’m a Canon gal and have yet to venture into video. That for me is way down the road. After more then 25 years in the field, I’m still learning. As for storage ….. I make sure my images are very small jpeg’s. After more then 6 years blogging, I still have storage. Of course I do not do the amount of images that you do.

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    1. Hi Amy, thank you so much for your kind words, I really appreciate that!! 😄. I’ve got a Canon 700d, and use my kit lens a lot, but also have the canon 50mm 1.8, and a Tamron 70-300mm. For that video I used my phone, it’s got a great camera to be fair, and for little videos like that is pretty handy. Space wise I’ve absolutely smashed my blog space and Flickr account this year doing my 365 challenge, at a guess I’ve uploaded 3,000 images this year so far 🤦🏻‍♂️📸. It’s tricky though, because I don’t just want to post the “main” image, I want to try and explain the journey, the various images I took and what worked for me and what didn’t, best way to do that is to share the actual images of course! Thank you for the tip regarding small Jpg’s, I appreciate that and I’ll look into it going forward 😄

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      1. Gav, I shoot large RAW files and in order to get my images over to WP post-processing, I crop them using only 150 pixels. I also use a © and a watermark on each image which yes is time-consuming to do but, rather that then someone taking credit for my work. I thought I recognized your camera as a Canon. Very nice! One of the next lenses on my wish list is the prime 50mm 1.8. I just bought a new 5D Mk4 (savings of $1,100) yet even with that savings, I have to wait. I’m also looking at la speedlite ….. SO much more I plan on doing. I don’t do Flickr or any other social media … only WP. Between the field, and blogging and life, that is enough. Good to begin to know you!

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      2. Oh wow, I haven’t even thought about ceiling the pixels down for WP! I’ll definitely have a look into it, thanks you very much for the tip! I shoot large RAW too, but I save the Jpg’s at max size, so they’re still “chunky”. My 50mm 1.8 is without question my most fun lens, I really love it! Every time I clip it to my camera I start grinning instantly 😄. Next on the list for me is the 100-400mm, my Tamron 79-300mm just isn’t cutting it for me for what I want it for, so I want an upgrade.

        Great talking to you too Amy, I’m new to the photography community, so it’s nice to know there are nice people around it! 🤗📸

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      3. I have the 100-400m with the 1.4 extender and I LOVE it. My mouth is watering about the 50mm. LOL There are a bunch of really nice photographers on WP. You’ll get the hang of things. Nice talking to you too!!

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      4. I’ve read / heard nothing but great things about the 100-400, I cannot wait to get my hands on one! 😄🙏🏻 oh you will love the 50mm, when you shoot with it I challenge you to try and NOT have a smile on your face!! 🤗📸

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      5. I promise you, you will LOVE the 100-400mm when you get it. I just put the 50mm on my wish list at B&H. LOL That and the light for my indoor pics and my macros will be next purchases. There are SO many choices ….. some day!! I’m smiling just thinking about doing this. LOL

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