Forgotten Places – 352/365

At the back of the woods I’ve visited so mang times during this 365 challenge, is a railway line, and at one point the line actually goes underground through a tunnel. The mouth to that tunnel, I think, is a really cool stone structure.

I really like the way it appears totally out of place! Its tucked away where no-one ever sees it, in a deep sided cut out in the landscape. Its so deep, when you walk in the woods you hardly even hear the trains that occasionally whizz past.


Unsurprisingly, it is not easy to get to, not easy to photograph, and aside from train drivers has never really been admired, I imagine. To get these shots I had to wade through thick bramble, dense undergrowth, cross rivers and trudge through deep mud…….. all in the name of capturing that shot I guess!

Anyway, being where it is, it doesn’t catch the light, not that I’ve seen anyway, and as such even with the colours of autumn, it doesn’t half look bland!

Its now become my mission to capture this little stone tunnel in its full potential glory, either at a strong bright sunrise, or a glowing sunset, or maybe, if I’m really lucky covered in snow…… either way, I really want to do this little stone structure justice, which I haven’t done today.

I really tried to push it too, using all the tricks I’ve learnt, but it just needs that something to set it on fire; rays of light, snow cover, a thunder storm, a train maybe. Whatever it is, I’m going to work at it and capture it at its best.

Watch this space……….

Learnings – conditions weren’t favourable today, and whilst I can normally make something of not a lot, today this scene just didn’t have enough in it to hold a keen interest. Tight in on the tunnel, and you lose the scale of the situation and the understanding of location. Wide angle and the tunnel becomes a little too insignificant for how grand it actually is.

Like I say, some strong weather and maybe a different angle, side on maybe, a train on the tracks perhaps, and it’ll work much better. We shall see!

4 thoughts on “Forgotten Places – 352/365

    1. Thank you, it did take a level of determination to get the shot along with quite a few cuts and bruises! 🤣 You know what, I’m going back one day because I think the scene has even more to offer in just the right conditions! 😄📸

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