Upside Down – 360/365

Can you guess what I got for Christmas!?

Yep, my wonderful wife got me a lens ball! I’m chuffed to bits with it, and I can’t wait to get some creative shots with it included in the frame.

Today’s main photograph is of Holly, of course, holding the lens ball in front of her. A classic I guess for this interesting little lens.

I used a shallow depth of field, f/2, and included some fairy lights and that was all, to keep things clean and simple. The lens ball itself is in sharp focus, compared to the background to enhance the separation and draw even more attention to the ball itself, and Hollys upside down portrait.

I did also get a little creative, and shot a self portrait of me sat down taking the photograph, in a mirror. With the angle just right, I got two spheres, and the image back the right way up!

For this second shot of me, you can see a fuller portrait, and I flipped the image vertically so I’m the right way up, and it looks unnerving as though I’m holding the ball from above it. The first shot isn’t flipped, I just got a double reflection fro the mirror which set it the right way up in the centre sphere.

A really fun addition to my photography kit, and I think it a landscape composition which doesn’t have a clear subject, his could really complete an image. It’s certainly got the grey matter turning over, which is superb!

Learnings – this is the first time I’ve used a lens ball, so learnings are very basic to be honest. Focusing, distance between lens and camera and subject all come into play, I’ve learnt. Most of all, teamed up with my 50mm prime lens, it’s loads of fun!!

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