Knight Industries Two Thousand – 361/365

Well, five days to go in my 365 challenge and I genuinely thought I’d blown it………….

You see, I had a plan today, I planned to go over to a lake in nearby Delamere Forest and use my Polarising filter to caplure an image of it. The filter would cut the glare out from the water, and with a moody sky brewing I could pull all that moodiness through too.

However, the water is a Mere, much like a lot of the lakes around the area, and it has incredibly wet and boggy surrounding edges. As such, I couldn’t get anywhere near the spots I wanted to. Its a carp lake too, but not one that I’m a member of, so although a couple of fishing jetties looked promising; they were chained off and there is no way I would disrespect the angling community by not respecting their fishery.

So after walking pretty much all the way around, save for a built up corner, and back again, I was imageless. I’ve wanted to photograph the mere for a while though, so I thought I’d give it a go anyway from the only spy I could by where I parked the car; and it gave me a chance to use my new remote shutter button too!! Thanks Holly, love you! xxxx

The remote shutter button worked brilliantly, however as much as I tried to work the composition it was just the most boring scene I think I’ve ever photographed………

I will, however, in the true spirit I of this challenge share the photographs with you; I said from the start I’d share my sucesses and failures, so here you go:


DULL!!!! I feel zero emotion from this image, other than it makes me want to go fishing. I took a long exposure too, to flatten the water off, and in the edit I also warmed the tones up a touch more, its better, but still pretty darn dull, and threre is all sorts of noise and mess going on in the sky.


I knew 100% I hadn’t got a shot driving home with my tail between my legs; you know how when you play pool or kick a ball, or swing a racquet, and as soon as you strike the ball you know you’ve nailed it – I get that feeling when I’m out taking photographs and I get a shot I’m pleased with.

The drive home took me back through some lanes, and I’d noticed a horse in front of a massive puddle in a field on the way down – again wanting to get the water and relfections in a shot, I did consider stopping and taking a photograph of it – However I didn’t, and I rigidly stuck to my guns and went to the lake. A decision I was starting to regret, as by the time I went past the second time the hourse had of course gone. A reminder to grab the oppotunities in photography, they may never happen again!

Anyway, I did come across another big puddle, this time at the side of the road, and I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity. The only thing was I didn’t have a model or a subject, so I used what I had, Hollys car!

Once I’d positioned the car, just how I wanted it in front of the puddle, and still sat inside getting my camera ready, a couple came past who had obviously been out for a walk. The lady proceeded to stop and kick about in the puddle, cleaning her boots off…… she wasn’t to know I was about to take a photograph of course, and that I’d now need to wait for her tidal waves to subside, so no hard feelings at all, but you have to giggle at it all don’t you!

Couple of things I wanted in this shot; a wide angle of the car front, good reflections and the tree branches in the puddle and on the windscreen. I first used my polariser, however it cut too much glare out even on a low setting, and it took too much of the reflection and trees out of the puddle and windscreen. So in the end this was a hand held shot taken crouching down low at 28mm – f/5.6 – 1/25sec – ISO400. A risky one at such a slow shutter speed hand held, and that’s why I used the low F stop and bumped up ISO.

I wanted to block the number plate out too, and add some more interest to the shot, again I thought it was a little boring, even though it was a good technical excersise for me personally. So I broke out Photoshop, something I’m pretty much totally novice with, but because I had the idea of turnung Hollys car into the famous “KITT” from “Knight Rider”.

It worked out pretty well, save for it took ages to do with me being a novice, espceially when working the reflection. Its not a case of straight flipping obviously, due to the angle of the car, and the distortion from the puddle, not to mention the complete tone and colour change.

Anyway, I’m both pleased and releaved, I really don’t want to finish this challegne on a low with dull photographs, I’ve come too far and learnt too much to let that happen.

Learnings – hmmmm, tough one. I leanrt a lot about photoshop, but thats not really the aim of this challenge. I guess today I learnt that just really, really wanting to photograph something, doesn’t make for a good photograph. If it’s not on it’s not on, and you just have to work something else out!

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