Guardian of the Garden – 13/365

Again today I had a clear idea of the image I wanted to capture. We have a bench thingy in our garden that we often sit on during the summer, however during winter it’s sadly neglected.

The idea for today was to try and capture the bench, and it’s gargoyle guardian, in its dormant winter state. I also had a little play with some lenses I’ve got, but not really experimented with yet; cue close up of the gargoyles nose:

I took quite a few pics of the bench, because I didn’t feel I was getting the perspective right, and I also took a few other shots because I really wasn’t confident today’s picture would work out how I wanted it to.

Whilst playing football with the girls, in the garden, the cloud cover broke and for a brief few moments the sun blazed across neighbouring roofs, and dazzled through a rose-hip bush. I thought this might save the day, so I kicked the ball far up the garden for the girls to chase and scurried off into position to take some pictures, seen below with a comment on each one;

I like the sun breaking through
I like the branch reaching out through the picture
I like the hint of light wrapping around the bud
I like the tangled branches and cloud formation
I like the emphasis on the solitary flower bud
Though I spent a bit of time perfecting these shots, and I went back and forth to the spot every time the sun came out, and game play allowed, to take more shots, in the end I still picked the planned shot as today’s picture. It’s not that I don’t like these, I really do like them all, but I wanted to stick to my plan if I could.

I also, took the inevitable shots of the girls playing, they just overflow me with inspiration! As always, Izzy struck some classic poses perched atop the slide, like an air traffic controller:

She looked so vibrant and full of life in the low, afternoon winter sun!

Learnings – I saved the day when editing today’s picture, changing the perspective slightly and balancing the weight around the image. The main problem I found was fitting everything into the frame, it just didn’t work:

Though technically this image is “sound”, I think it lacks the feeling I was hoping to capture, and eventually did through editing of today’s picture.

It was interesting to see how even though the final shot doesn’t have all its elements fully in the frame, it still really works. I think it’s because everything is represented enough for you to know what it is, and more importantly the story is being told by the image. The grass breaks up the bench lines, and the gargoyle looks tall and guardian like, watching over the bench until summer comes around again.

Yet again some spontaneous moments were there for the taking, in the sun over the bush and Izzy on the slide, their really is so much going on around us all the time!

Life’s full of these moments, and I’m really enjoying being taken out every day by this adventure to discover them.

See you tomorrow.

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