A Bridge Too Far – 14/365

I think today goes down as a fail(ish), it was a bridge too far, literally! I took another diversion on my route home today with the aim being to take a night time shot of what I still call “the new bridge”, even though it was opened in 1998…..

The bridge is the “Flintshire Bridge”, a cable-stayed bridge that spans the River Dee, linking Connah’s Quay with the north shore of the river. It is a vital crossing, saving heavy traffic from running through the smaller town roads in the area, and cost £55m to construct.

It’s an impressive construction, and having lived in the area in the past, know how important it has become to local residents and businesses.

The picture, although I captured the overall effect I wanted in terms of lighting, the street and car lights and the focus, it really doesn’t display the structures true scale. I just couldn’t get close enough to it, and had to settle for an image taken some 1/2 a mile away. I tried all the spots I could around it, but in the end had to settle for a lay-by on the north side; along with two long haul truckers parked up for the night.

I ducked through the hedge to get as close as I possibly could, stumbled through the ditch and up to the fence, which I didn’t cross given the warning sign, and took the picture as best I could.

When I eventually arrived home, more than a little despondent, and turned to the gate to our front garden, the streetlight across the road blinked and turned off. It’s been doing this for some time, but tonight it caught my attention and it made me stop at the gate and turn around.

I looked at the dark hole it had left where there was once bright light, and looked further down the road to the next street light. There I saw a single light looking back at me, that was begging for its picture to be taken, so I obliged!

Learnings – today was almost a write off due to lack of thought on my part about the location where I would take my picture from. I thought the bridge would look so massive, the distance wouldn’t be as much of a problem as it was, but you know what thought, thought!

A street light saved me from feeling like a failure today; simple is beautiful, and I think I’ll chase the small rather than the mighty a little more.

Thank you, street light on the corner.

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