Come Fly With Me – 15/365

No real plan for todays picture, other than to some how capture the fact I was dropping my mum off at the airport this morning. I thought a shot as she and her “Bezzie” disappeared into the terminal entrance might be cool, but it really wasn’t; my mum was moving too quickly, no doubt full of excitement for the adventure ahead!

I waved them off and departed the airport for the 30 or so mile drive to work for the day. I arrived not long before the sun came up, which lit the sky behind a tree across the road in a full spectrum of reds, oranges and yellows!

At that moment, an aeroplane entered the frame, and looked for all the world like it was heading off into the sun. Though it’s trajectory certainly gave indication it had departed the airport I had left a little earlier, I have no real evidence that it was the airplane my mum and her friend were on board, but it doesn’t stop my imagination believing it was indeed the one.

I took a shot from a few different angles, as I soaked up the sunrise and cleared my thoughts ready for the busy day ahead. Hopefully they are onboard an authorised vehicle:

Have a great trip girls, I love you both X

Learnings – details really matter, and although the tree in today’s picture is huge and carry’s a lot of weight, the small aeroplane trail is eye catching, and still stands out. I think the empty space underneath it, contrasting against the busy right hand side filled with branches, really helps. Conversely the two aeroplanes in the “sign” picture don’t have the same impact.

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