It Can’t Rain All The Time – 16/365

Something a little different for today’s picture, I guess a really abstract shot. I was thinking about my previous pictures, and how small was sometimes more mighty than large, so hoped to capture something of that nature today.

As morning broke, and the household began to wake, a sudden flash of heavy rain hit the house. The sound on the window was incredible, from early morning silence to what sounded like a thousand miniature drum sticks being rattled against the glass, in an instant.

It was impossible to avoid taking a look!

I was going to use this picture today (above) however it feels very ominous, and unknown. The rain this morning though heavy on the other side of the glass, didn’t feel like that at all. It felt more cleansing, more refreshing. It wasn’t dreary rain at all.

I took another shot, adjusting the lighting and frame a little. That still looked too bleak. It dawned on me that the stuff behind the rain drops through the glass were the distracting elements. So I set off for work, a little disgruntled.

Sat in my car, getting everything in order, lights on heater on music on, you know the drill; and the rain was still tapping on the glass, almost taunting me! So I gave in to it, and took another shot, this time focusing totally on the raindrops, and leaving the background to be fully out of focus, nothing but a blur of colour that was mostly trees and sky.

That worked, and I got my shot……

Learnings – keep trying, the picture your looking for is most likely possible, you just need the right conditions. I think the picture works because the rain drops are front and centre, and the totally blurred background leaves the imagination to run wild. The colours are also full of a kind of optimism, that captured how it felt really well. I like it.

Also, if the rain is trying to tell you something, listen to it, it might be important.

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