Living For The Weekend – 18/365

Bit of fun for today’s picture, and something that I guess resonates with everyone from time to time. Finishing your weeks work. The interesting thing for me is, for some that’s a happy occasion, for others it is less so. Work is life to some people, and the weekend is to others. I’d say I’m somewhere in the middle, others I’m sure would disagree…….

Whether you work “9 to 5”, or not, your week will always have a start and an end of some description, and depending on how engaging your work is at that time, will to an extent have a bearing on how “clocking off” makes you feel.

Personally, I never really “clock off”, work is fairly constant throughout the week, and though I might try to switch off on my days of rest, my mind doesn’t have an off button.

The important thing is to always try and keep work in it’s place, which is massively easier to say, than to do. We are all human beings, and we care about our jobs, and we care about each other, there for our nature dictates that even when we are off duty, we still want to be connected to our colleagues, in a supporting capacity.

In this day and age that is super easy to do, in fact it is pretty difficult not to be plugged into the system! There in lies a potential issue, we ALL need down time, and we all need to respect each others need for that down time.

No learning today, just a piece of advice to reflect on; work hard at one thing – looking after each other.

If we can crack that, nothing else really matters.

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