Home Run – 25/365

It’s Friday, and again I wanted to try and capture “that feeling” somehow. I took a few pictures earlier in the day, as the cloud formations were amazing against the low hanging bright sunshine.

I also had a little experiment with leading lines, using road markings and the pavement, I think it kind of works. But, I can’t stop looking at the two bike markings, with one being upside down! I’m not familiar with cycle route markings, or if this simply means two way cycle traffic, but it looks peculiar to me?

Strange road markings aside, the sky was amazing this afternoon, it looked like the clouds were a giant comfy sofa, in a warm room being heated by the sun itself. It felt cozy against the bleakness of winter.

Nothing capture the moment for me quite like the cars whizzing along the motorway though; most I assume, heading home. The night shots of the cars were taken from the same bridge as my Day 1 picture, by the way.

I played around quite a lot today with settings, which I really like because they open up another world of possibilities. In todays picture I was able to “isolate” the cars light beams, and really make them pop, which was exactly the effect I wanted to achieve, which it’s really satisfying! In the picture below I was able to achieve a totally different feel, one that’s much more subdued; mainly because there is much less motion blur and the beams of light and more subtle.

Learnings – I took pictures throughout the day, as opportunities presented themselves, and other than parking in some weird places at times, it was a normal day just with my eyes wide open to the world around me.

Also, an unexpected benefit has come through this challenge. From simply doing something every single day, from start to finish, I have a heightened sense of achieving something. Totally unrelated to my pictures, I mean, and I find I have become more accomplished at completing general stuff in my daily life, more quickly.

Who knew that would happen!

Have a great weekend out there, I’ll see you tomorrow.

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