Dead End? – 24/365

Well, sorry but the planned shot didn’t work out again this morning, the fog was too thick again. Still, I did as promised take the picture, below, so you can kind of see what I was trying to show you. Wind turbines!

I have a real fascination with “green” energy sources, I guess you knew that from the previous solar panel pictures. There’s something beautiful about them, not only aesthetically, but mostly for me in the purpose they serve.

Now I know not everyone shares my opinion in seeing their beauty, but it is simply that, my opinion.

I have more time next week, so I’ll try and take the shot again, later in the morning when the fog has cleared. I’ll also take some shots from other views in the area I’ve found whilst on this mini wind turbine quest!

So, what’s today’s picture about then? Well this little adventure of trying to capture the wind turbines has kind of hit a dead end, and though I captured some nice pictures, it seems that constraining yourself to one frame, at one specific time of day in one very specific location, doesn’t always work out.

So determined to capture something meaningful today, after I collected Izzy from nursery I went off in the hunt for something, anything. I knew of a nice vantage point up the hill that looks out over an estuary, which at night might look cool, so of on the hunt we went.

I couldn’t find the view point, and with time against me again and Izzy now fast asleep in the car it felt like an opportunity wouldn’t present itself.

Just then, I spotted a turning, nothing special, but it led down into an unlit lane, and I had found my shot. It looked for all the world like a mystery road that would lead me to nowhere, a dead end, and it kind of summed up my mini adventure of the the past two days.

Still, if you actually achieve your aim, but by a totally different means, can it really be described as running into a dead end?

Learnings – maybe it’s too soon in my evolution to place such constraints on my self as I have lately. Maybe I’ll go with the flow a bit more for a while, but I will capture those wind turbines……… one day.

I’ll have a look down that road too, who knows what’s down there!

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