Lazy Sunset – 137/365

If you’ve been following my adventure since it’s early days, you might remember the post “dead end“, on day 24.

On that day I was trying to get a shot of the wind turbines that morning, but it didn’t work out, and after arriving back home from work, I set off into the night to find something else to photograph.

In the end, I spotted a lane that appeared to go no-where, whilst looking for a view point up on the hill to get a shot of the estuary. So in that one day I’d hit two dead ends, and been saved by a third!

Anyway, today, the tables turned, and I found that vantage point I was looking for, and was blessed by the views before me.

I have to admit, I was somewhat overwhelmed with what the world had presented me. There were horses, industry, wind turbines, birds, a light house, smouldering chimneys in the distance, the estuary and an amazing evening sky.

Being 100% honest, it was too much for me, I got carried away, I lost focus and I didn’t fully capture the moment.

That’s not to say I’m not pleased, I found the place I was looking for some 113 days ago, took my first ever photograph of some horses, and captured some amazing images of the sky.

So why am I a little down beat about it?

Well, I just think….. no I know, I could have done better with the opportunity that presented itself to me today.

I just got giddy, that’s all, and it totally threw me off my game!

Learning’s – stay calm, especially when something you really want to photograph is staring you right in the face……

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