Cold Cut – 27/365

A trip to the local shop for some supplies provided today’s photo opportunity, with there being a canal running past a short walk away.

Izzy took her toy camera too, and all though it doesn’t actually take pictures, she had great fun and I’m sure captured some really nice shots in her mind.

It was cold today, and the wind was whipping down the canal, carrying a really sharp and frosty bite with it.

That didn’t stop us having a nice stroll down the local “cut” though. Canals have a certain feeling about them that no other waterway does. For me they bring thoughts of industry past, of transport, of struggle and of leisure, all in equal measures.

Some are sadly neglected, some are extremely well looked after, some are super urban, and some are beautifully rural – they really do hold a full spectrum of emotions that span right into every corner of human society.

The thing that stood out to me today on our little walk was how the canal systems hold lots of interesting lines. Not only the obvious straight lines the water itself can take, but also the smooth curves on the bridges and tow paths, and the jagged line of overhanging trees on the far bank.

I really like the shape of this bridge, the curve is just really satisfying, both in its arch and the sides reaching out to support its mass.

I find myself looking all over the picture, lead by lines in and under the bridge and out through the other side, then up to the top and around its curving sides. I like it, and again it makes me think of all sorts of things, like the cargo this waterway has seen pass under this bridge, on its way to Manchester.

There was no boat traffic today, which isn’t unusual for the time of year, but this can be a busy little route in the summer months.

We did see two trains whizz by on the tracks running parallel to the canal though, and again an opportunity to play with lines fell into my lap.

I like the way all the lines, from the power lines to the track lines and the sky line all lead you to take note of the moody cloud formation.

Learnings – leading lines are cool, and can really help you draw attention to your focal point. I didn’t mention it in the wordy stuff earlier, because I didn’t want to lead you with my narration, but take a look back at the pictures of Izzy. I used the canal and barges as leading lines to draw even more attention to Izzy.

In today’s main pic, I wanted the focus to be on her eyes, and the little tear rolling down her cheek, (not because she was sad, just from the cold air hitting her face). So I used the lines in the shot to direct you towards that point, set her in clear focus against a hazy background and composed the frame so her eyes were just in the right position. Hopefully it worked for you, as it did for me. I really like it, I am biased for many reasons of course; however because I feel I have successfully utilised some of the lessons I have learnt so far on this journey, I would go as far as to say it’s my favourite picture yet.

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