Happy Monday’s – 28/365

Firstly, I make no apology for being off work today, and enjoying a day by the water fishing. Everyone needs some down time, to reset and organise the mind. Life in our society today is fuller than it’s ever been, so always make time for yourself now and again, to sort the head jumble.

The time I have allocated for myself is, a week. Yes that is a lot of time, but I am going to make the most of every second of my “reset head jumble” time. The other side, I will be mind fit and turbo charged!

So today I went fishing, and it’s a brilliant time to take pictures. It’s quiet, full of wildlife, fishing kit and scenic landscape, all great photography opportunities.

I like the curves in this shot, I feel they really compliment each other. The curve of the waves, then the curve of the trees, the curve of the sun and finally the sky.

I played around with the “rule of thirds” in the next pics, to really see what would work best. They’re not particularly great shots, but it was the learning from actually forcing the frame that was the benefit for me, personally.

My mum tells me to be careful of lines leading off the frame, so as not to lead the eye out of the picture. I’m sure there is a lot of truth in that, and not simply because mums are always right. So I took a picture that deliberately had lines firing off the frame.

My mum is right of course, and while the background lines hold your eye to an extent, you do wonder what’s to the left and right of the frame that you can’t see, and it has a kind of uneasy feel.

So, I tried to counter this with sharper focus and a little experiment, I think it kind of works?

I took a few pictures of the light beaming through the trees too, as it shone on my fishing gear, and tried a few different settings and edits.

Learnings – the rule of thirds is very powerful, and I think, as with portraits, what I’ve come to call “head space” is key, which is kind of a running theme today for a number of reasons.

This is the second time, at least, that curves and straight lines have figured in my pictures, I do find them really interesting to look at.

The little bit of line running off the reel is really distracting, I should have learnt my lesson already about detail, slap on the wrist for that one! Maybe you didn’t notice it, but it’s crippling me every time I look at the shots with it in. Have a look at the last picture, at the reel handle and the fishing line running over it. Sorry to point it out, if you hadn’t noticed it, I realise it spoils the shots enjoyment.

Mums are always right.

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