School Run – 29/365

No fishing today, but having a rare day off mid week did mean I got to do some things that I don’t normally. I normally take the girls to school a couple of times a week, but it’s always in the car, so today it was nice to walk them over at a much more relaxed pace than usual.

Today was one of those days where I didn’t have a plan at all of what to photograph. I knew I wanted to get a couple of “selfie” snaps, one because the girls love selfies, though from today’s picture you might not believe that. And two, because I wanted to capture the memory.

So this morning was more of a classic photography thing than a challenge I guess, taking pictures purely to hold onto the memory; which believe it or not is not something I’ve ever been into before. Maybe I’m getting old, maybe my new found appreciation for photography is coming through, maybe it’s a mix of both. Whatever the reason, it made me smile.

In the afternoon I got another treat, I got to see the girls at their swimming class! They’ve come on so much since the last time I saw them swimming widths across the pool, and the smiles on their little faces just beamed pure enjoyment. They both love swimming.

On the way home, I grabbed a quick shot of Holly, my wife, and Izzy walking down the alley way, just to grab the moment and see how the leading lines on the imposing fences would effect the frame.

Finally home, and my old friend the lamp post was on hand for some end of the day photography opportunities, so I duly obliged.

A couple of variations on the lamp post theme, one where the shimmer on the road is the main focus, and the lines in the picture draw you to it, and one where I’ve tried to balance the frame with trees on the left, and mr lamp post on the right.

I also took one with the focus out, to just capture the lights, and a kind of Bokeh effect.

Finally, I took a couple of shots looking out over a fence in the front garden. The main thing I was doing here was trying to pull out as much detail as possible in editing. The first picture is “raw”, the second I’ve tried to pull the detail out. It kind of worked, it’s a bit garish but the fence detail is much more prominent.

Learnings – it’s the simple things in life, that often bring the most joy, and I’ve somehow learnt to capture them moments with photography, it’s only taken 40years but there you go.

Also, black and white style shots are awesome for hiding grey hair…….

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