Light Work – 51/365

No plan today, other than I’d just wait and see what happened, and what might make a nice picture.

On the way into work I noticed a rainbow in the distance, which vanished from view as I rounded some buildings. I was however coming up to some road works, and I did hold hope that I might get chance for a quick shot should I have to stop.

Sure enough, the road works came to my rescue, stopped me in my tracks, and I got a quick snap with the rainbow almost perfectly positioned like it was intersecting the road in the distance.

I’ve seen a load of rainbows recently, maybe it’s rainbow season?

Anyway, as my working day was coming to a close, and rainbow season or not, it was very noticeable that the nights are getting lighter, and sometimes I’m heading home in the last rays of day light now.

That led to today’s picture, as the final throws of the days sun beamed brightly into the office, through a gap in the blinds.

Though I took this picture sat at my desk, I really like the unusual composition. The depth of the room to the top right draws your eye, as does the shiny picture frame bottom left; and of course the sun shine looks magical.

Learnings – you don’t always have to try super hard, or be mega creative to get a nice picture. Sometimes, they just happen.

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