Sometimes, It’s Medicine – 52/365

I know a lot of people hold widely varying opinions about McDonalds, and it seems to be the ultimate Marmite; it has its fiercely loyal fans, and its acid tongued haters.

Personally, I think it has a very specific place, for when your just not in the mood for anything else! Maybe the days been a bit of a stinker, maybe your on the move, maybe your on route to a fishing trip (it’s standard carp fishing fodder), maybe it’s a treat for the kids. Whatever the reason behind it, for me there are times when nothing else will do.

So today, when the decision was made via a quick text conversation with Holly, I decided to also try and make it the subject of today’s picture.

Because we used the drive through (Izzy and I on the way back from nursery), and we didn’t get out of the car, framing was a challenge.

However, I did get some shots as we went around the short McDonalds circuit to fast food heaven.

Once we’d been served, I took a little detour and went around a wide birth to get a wider angled shot.

After that, we set off for home to devour our feast. Now, I know McDonalds isn’t fine dining, but it did its job, and I feel these quick hit pictures of fast food have captured that moment well, especially the first and the last one.

Learnings – I warmed up some of the shots during editing, which I don’t normally do, I’m more a fan of cooler, moodier blue tones – however I do like the vibe these pictures have, I think it fits.

Also, I made it all the way through the blog without saying “I’m loving it”, oh, damn it.

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