A Gift – 65/365

Today, I took some pictures of the setting sun. After my foray into experimenting with artificial light, I thought I’d balance things out with a more traditional, scenic picture.

However, that all changed after a work related conversation with my colleague and friend, Sue Ash.

The conversation came to a close just as Sue mentioned she had a yogurt that the girls might like – a gourmet passion fruit live yogurt, no less!

I took the yogurt home, and after the girls had both finished their tea, I gave them their eagerly awaited prize!

They were unsure at first, it was, to be fair, quite different to the more usual chocolate moose things they normally have for afters.

However, they gave it a go, it looked unusual to them, but it smelled amazing, so they couldn’t resist trying it for long.

They both placed a dot of yogurt on their little tongues…..

Then, the taste hit them, and they loved it!!

Izzy in particular took a real liking to it, and she started to muscle Livvy out of the frame. She is a real bruiser.

Thank you Sue, you are a star and you’ve made two little girls very happy.

I asked the girls to blow you a kiss; one did, one couldn’t stop herself stuffing her face with yogurt!

Once they’d both finished their yogurt, I turned all the lights out except for the ones on our wireless speaker and the three of us had disco, as you do when your wife’s out a the gym.

Learnings – not too much today, other than a nice reminder that the kindness of other people really warms your heart.

Tomorrow you might see more pictures of sunsets, but who knows, you never can tell what’s coming your way when good people do nice things.

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