Skip Cat – 66/365

I did warn you it might not be a sunset picture today! For the second time in my professional career, we had a lost kitten in work.

The last time, we rescued the kitten from the warehouse, a bit worse for wear and covered in industrial ink, we cleaned him up and to this day he still lives with my sister; and “Ruben” is a very happy cat.

Last night we had a report of a meow coming from one of the big industrial waste compactors, and this morning we had to again rescue a kitten, from a potentially gruesome fate. Awesome work as always John and Iker!

The kitten was scared, cold, wet and had ink all over its underside and chin (I work at a printing company, so for something like a cat it’s pretty easy to get covered in ink!).

However, our ever watchful H&S manager made sure the litttle critter had some food and water, an old jumper for a blanket and a box to sit in.

Slowly, the kitten relaxed and started to eat some food – a good sign it wasn’t in bad shape overall, though it did have a slight limp in a hind leg it seemed to shrug off.

Sue wrapped it up in her scarf and gave it a warm cuddle. After that, it stopped meowing and it really came round. So much so it was confident enough to have a little scurry across the desk!

I’m not a cat person especially, however I do love all wildlife, and animals in general, and it was a cute little thing being honest.

After it’s little adventure across the desk, it hid away in an in/out tray, only sticking its nose out to see what was going on in the office.

If your wondering what we did with the cat, we did ring the RSPCA, however one of the engineers, Iker, took such a shine to the little stray, (which we think arrived in the compactor slip when it was changed over yesterday), that he adopted it.

Learnings – skip cat was cute, and I hope his new family think of a better name for him/her than I did.

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