Night Train – 67/365

You know what’s really cool, of late a lot of people have been offering me their support on my journey into photographic discovery and learning. I really do appreciate all the nice comments people are giving me and suggestions for photographs, the support is truly heart warming. Especially so because I’m being as open and as honest as I can be with both my successes and failures in this challenge.

Lots of support is coming from my work colleagues, which is extra nice because in my job I’m often the one pushing for things to improve, whilst supporting people to try and make those improvements. I don’t do it because I’m some kind of ogre, I do it because I really want us to succeed as a business, and it’s a comforting reminder to know that people still see me as a human being and that I need support in my life’s adventures just the same as everyone else.

Today I wanted to try and capture an image of a train whizzing past at night. I knew the spot I could try – on the bridge where Livvy and I took the pictures for “Street Wise“.

Whilst taking those pictures, a train flew past, but I wasn’t quick enough to get a shot; but I vowed to go back and try for one.

As I left the house, a suggestion and offer of support came my way from Izzy, our three year old. She wanted to go out to the woods again and do another “Angels and Demons” picture.

Unfortunately though it was too late to be taking her out, so I promised we’d do something tomorrow. Still, she wasn’t overly impressed that I was going out without her tonight, so I’d have to be quick and get back home sharpish to keep the peace!

I climbed up the steps at the side of the bridge, up the small embankment and as close to the steel fence as I could get. I climbed a little higher onto the hand rail running along the steps, and perched there waiting for a train.

Amazingly, I only had to wait two minutes, and I heard the distant rumble of an approaching train. I couldn’t believe my luck!

I took loads of shots as it approached, as it passed me by, and as it disappeared off; all in about five seconds flat.

I smiled, like a Cheshire Cat! And as I made my way back down the steps I had a quick look at what I’d captured. Though the lighting wasn’t quite as I would have liked, I was pleased my little plan had worked out.

Waking back home I couldn’t help but take a couple of pictures of the underside of the bridge again. I don’t know why but it just always looks cool to me. It’s got a very “street” vibe to it that I really like.

Learnings – I wasn’t sure my plan would pay off today, and I thought of all sorts of ways to try and increase my chances of seeing a train go past; like plotting the nights scheduled train journeys.

In the end though, I just went for it, and thankfully it worked out nicely. So I guess my learning is to just try stuff, it might just work out.

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