X-Files – 68/365

Today I was going to take Izzy down to the woods to take some pictures, however it didn’t quite pan out as planned so I went off on my own. Izzy will be out with me tomorrow, I’m sure. She was too busy playing with Livvy today.

So slight change of plan but I still went to the same location, and aimed to get a picture of the woodland itself.

I find it difficult to photograph “just” woodland, it’s really busy and sometimes difficult, I find, to pick out interesting forms and shapes in the mass of branches.

I really liked these fallen logs, all in a row like some big tree battle had taken place recently, and the fallen still lay where they fell, no doubt after a valiant fight protecting the forest.

What eventually stood out today was a twisting path, snaking it’s way down one slope, across the bottom of a shallow valley and up out over the other side.

It formed a really pleasing and interesting shape, and it also made me think of all the people and wildlife it’s carried through the woods in its time.

Darkening the scene up helped the mood, I feel, and I highlighted the path itself to pull it out of the frame even more.

I walked the path through to its conclusion, amazingly something I’ve never done before even though it’s literally 2minutes from my front door.

At the other side, a nice gentle climb up the steps and back to civilisation, pictures stored and none the worse for wear for my mini adventure, quite the opposite in fact, nicely refreshed.

Learnings – it’s not the first time I’ve found something new on my doorstep during this challenge, so I can’t really count that as a learning.

I guess focusing on the twisting path was something I learnt today, it helped me form a scene in an otherwise overly busy environment.

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