The Eyes Have It – 70/365

I hadn’t even had a chance to think about today’s picture when a gorgeous opportunity shone in the morning sun light.

I was just gathering my stuff ready to head out for the day, and I stopped and leant across the breakfast bar to have a quick chat with Livvy, while she finished her breakfast.

I’d gone around the opposite side to her because the sun light was really bright coming through the kitchen window. From this angle Livvys face was a wash with golden sunlight.

It didn’t take long for my brain to connect with my hand and tell it to reach for my camera!

I showed Livvy the pictures as I was writing this blog post this evening, and told her she could do whatever she wanted with one of them; this “rainbow” one as she called it, was what she eventually chose.

I just love how expressive her face is, all I did was ask her to smile!

She hasn’t really got freckles on her nose either, that’s just what happens when you stick your face in your coco pops at breakfast…..

Learnings – the only thing that beats natural light, is natural beauty in your daughters smile.

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