Coming Home – 72/365

Just a bit of fun today, and a very short video clip to go with today’s picture(s).

I wanted to capture the moment I come home from work, because I’m almost always greeted with an excited Izzy, a welcoming Holly, and a “too cool for school” Livvy. I love all the reactions equally.

I though it would be best to use the forward facing camera on my phone for this so I could see what was happening; so the quality isn’t great on the clip, or the stills taken from it. However I do feel the grainy effect just adds to the “real” capture of the moment.

A kiss from Holly x

A surprised look from Livvy…..

Then a big smile…..

Then a kiss x

The clip below is how the whole thing unfolded in about a minute and a half.

Such a short space of time, but it means so very much to me.

Learnings – where most of the clip was shot in the hall, the lighting is much brighter than in Livvys room / cave, even though the two areas are just feet apart. That really comes out in the different still images, and the shots of Livvy are much grainier.

I wasn’t overly worried about that today, it was all about the emotion, but it is interesting how just feet away the lighting can be totally different, along with the results.

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