Time – 106/365

Tonight I thought I’d have another go at photographing the brook, however by the time I got down there it was pretty much dark, and I couldn’t get the image I had in my mind.

IMG_8208Not to be defeated, on the way back home I knew I’d pass a bus stop, so I thought that might make a cool photograph. I just wasn’t feeling it though, and I’ve learnt on this adventure, sometimes its not worth forcing the issue if your not connecting with what your trying to do.

I guess for me, it either happens or it doesn’t, and if I’m reallly not feeling it I can’t force the issue.

So I headed back into the woods, I thought you know what, I’ll try and take some night shots of the flowers down there.

I was worried that this would be very similar to yesterday though, and while there is nothing wrong with that, I do like to try something different every day.

I really love this “forget me not”, (I learnt what it was called yesterday, thanks Sue A and Sue F!) It’s kind of emotional, because it looks like it has a tear in its eye.

This one, I’m really proud of, because I took it in full manual mode, to try and get as much detail in as possible. I’m pleased, because the detail is amazing, you can even see the little hairs on the flower stem.

Debatable as to whether or not as to which shot is better, auto above, or manual below, but either way the fact I can do this in manual is a great sign for me, that I’m learning.  For the record, I love them both.

img_8211So as not to se too “samey samey” as yesterday, I tried to find a few different colour flowers.

The subtle drops of water add a nice touch to the flowers I think.

Learnings – if at first you don’t succeed, just keep trying!

P.s. if your thinking I’ve been wandering around in the woods for the last two evenings, slipping down slopes into muddy ditches and getting stung by nettle’s, you’d be absolutely right…..

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