The Arches – 148/365

Another structure for todays photograph, and again one that I’ve seen loads of times, but didn’t actually know how to get close to it.

My thought for today was to stop near another bridge just up river on my way home from work, and shoot the stone arches from there. Turns out, there was a footpath where I parked leading down the river, and as luck would have it, the path led me straight to the foot of the stone arches.

They are super impressive, and if I’m honest I haven’t done them the justice they deserve in my images of them.

No excuses, just looking back through the photographs I think a slightly more elevated view would have been better, to capture more of the length of the arches; they actually stretch for quite a way, there are 21 in total!

Some nice details I captured today though, did you notice the bird in today’s main photograph?

The bikes above, though I detest litter of any description, did have a certain “urban” vibe to them, and tell a story all of their own.

Below, I like the light touching the boat and the edge it’s moored against, the second motorway bridge in the background, and further still the industry right at the back.

Learnings – I didn’t specifically set out to test myself today, I just went to capture a photograph. However, I did learn more about picking up on the details, and using them in my composition.

If you look at the second photograph, you can see a dark shadow of a building. I didn’t really want it in my final image, so I moved further down river a little and masked the building with a bush in the foreground.

At the same moment that I was just finalising my settings, a sea gull was swooping around the top of the bridge, and for me it just added that little bit extra so I grabbed the moment.

Amazing what you can learn, just getting out there and enjoying it!

By the way, the bridge is called “The Frodsham Viaduct”, built in 1850 to carry the Birkenhead, Lancashire and Cheshire Junction Railway.

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