Many Faces – 158/365

Just me and the girls again this evening, and after tea, but before playing “Goat Simulator” on the Xbox, Livvy said she wanted to do some photographs.

Of course, I said “that would be great, why don’t you pull some funny faces?”

She set to work…….

“The thinker”

“The, Well, Really”

“The Winking Tongue”

“The Long Face”

“The Blob Fish” (look it up……)

“The Cheek”

“The Heavy Tongue”

“The, Just Don’t”

“The Pout”

“The Mother”

“The First Nappy”

Such good fun we had! Thank you Livvy, you super star, I love you so much! Xx

Finally, I struggle a lot when editing portraits, so I had a go at a black and white.

Maybe a bit of a cop out, but I wanted to try it anyway, and I’m pretty pleased with how it came out.

I’m not sure how your supposed to do it, but I tried to keep it soft and gentle, with some nice detail. I also enhanced the shadow on the side of her face, to give a nice contrast against the bright open space above her.

I like it, but I like all pictures of my family!

Learnings – I actually used the flash a lot today, for portraits it might just be my new best friend, second to my girls of course!

Have a great weekend everyone, enjoy it.

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