Head Lock – 196/365

Today I planned on taking a very simple photograph, something subtle and unassuming, a solitary daisy was my thought.

With Holly out at the gym, I asked the girls if they wanted to go out to the front garden with me to take a photograph of a daisy.

They did, (although Izzy wanted to go further, out to the woods, which we didn’t have time for) and what started out as a simple little photograph opportunity, turned into all sorts of fun and games!

I took photographs of some daisies, and some other wild flowers I could find, maybe weeds you’d call them, but I think they’re cool.

Anyway, the girls were really interested in my camera today, and I invited them to press the shutter button once I’d lined the shots up.

This turned into a great game, and all three of us took it in turns to press the shutter button.

The camera had to work overtime, sat on its tripod as the girls pressed the button and moved about all over the place, driving the auto focus crazy!

I switched it to “live” mode so they could take photos using the touch screen, something they are both more used to than “old fashioned” buttons……

We had a really fun time, and it was so nice to just play about on the grass taking photographs that were none too serious, or thought through, yet I feel really captured the fun we were having.

Simply the best of times, just mucking about in the evening sun, snapping photographs and laughing out loud.

Kids, they really are everything. Xx

Oh, and not forgetting the daisy!!

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