Thirsty Work – 197/365

Guinness, so good it it has its own gravitational pull on the very sky itself!

Today for the 365 challenge I didn’t really set out to test my photography, my plan was just to take a photograph of the Guinness factory that’s a few miles away from where I live; just to show you it really.

Anyway, though I’ve past the site loads of times, and always thought “hey that’s cool, but now I really fancy a Guinness”, turns out the fleeting image you see as you drive past, isn’t quite as easy to capture in a photograph.

I think it’s because you only just see a glimpse of the factory, and your imagination fills in the blanks – imagination is always more powerful than reality, always.

Anyway, just an interesting little photograph today, of a huge yellow harp, that’s the symbol for a huge pint of stout!

Learnings – imagination is a wonderful thing! Also, driving past the main thing that stands out is the chimney with the Guinness harp on it, however today while I was there, the lighting was totally wrong to capture the chimney.

That forced me to choose a different composition, and eventually take the shot you see here.

I guess even though I didn’t set out to test myself, in the end I did anyway when faced with lighting I wasn’t expecting.

The sky was fierce!

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